Saturday, June 14, 2008

The view from UCCS 061308

The view from UCCS 061308
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Wow. UCCS has the most impressive and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains, even the parking lot is glamorous!

This marble sculpture of the UCCS mascot, the mountain lion, was really impressive and gorgeous in person. I spent yesterday, all day, at the orientation for my son. He picked a beautiful school!

Today as I head out, I worry about "Spaulding". Day after day, he just sits there . . . thinking about what? I don't know. Occasionally, a chicken will hang out with him or a horse or deer wanders by and still he interacts with no one.(Spaulding is Wilson's twin brother-he's sitting towards the left at the bottom of the picture.)

It's so gorgeous out on the dirt roads, that all worries over Spaulding are gone in no time.
I caught a good close up of the mama bird staring me down in her huge nest in the tree by the side of the road. I really don't know what kind she is, but she's pretty big.

Soon, I was out on I-70 where I saw this incredibly long train carrying teeny tiny tanks and other vehicles. By the time, I grabbed my camera, most of the train had gone by, but I managed to catch some of the vehicles through my bug splattered side mirror.
As I was heading home and back on the ole dirt roads, I caught these donkeys scratching each other's backs in those hard to reach areas.

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