Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mothra is born

Good night, Irene! This baby is HUGE! As big as my hand. I woke up early and found this big baby stretching his new wings just outside our kitchen door in our rose bush. His pretty. I'm no moth expert, though. This could be a butterfly.

All is quiet on the farm. My husband and I worked on fixing up some old fences that were falling down. The horses enjoyed the perfect weather.

I created a new coloring book page of an arabian horse running for my new friend Horses R Us.

And I am offering ACEOs of the Gypsy Horse Running black ink drawing I made.
I'm off right now to take a walk with our dog pack and one orange cat who thinks he's a dog. I'll try to post a picture when we get back. We have to get back in time to watch the National Geographic special on Stonehenge!!


Equine Now said...

Nice horses. You have any other closer photos?

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Why is that equine now? So you can post me on your "outing horse asshats" blog? What a piece of work that blog is. You have a group of people who claim to be the most intelligent horse owners ever, finding and bashing other horse owners, because why? They don't treat their little show horses like "My Little Ponies"? or lap dogs?

Did I read right that you are involved with Thoroughbreds? THOSE horses are treated despicably to fit in with their human's needs and hardly ever get to live as nature intended, in complex social herds, grazing at will.

Harshly trained before their knee bones have even closed, locked in stalls, hyped up with high protein rations of man made feeds, raced for profits, sold, bred for money, blanketed, bathed to excess.

It amazes me what horses put up with from people and still manage to care for us. I wish I could say the same about your little club of the "special" horse owners that are so priviledged as to have an entire blog devoted to gossipy one upmanship instead of any true care for the horses and the people who own them.

I'll have to pass on sharing anything else of mine with you. Thanks but no thanks.