Monday, June 23, 2008

The International Needle Felting Team

Wow! Has it REALLY been so long since I posted? What have I been doing?

Well, I've been working on some needlefelt projects and checking out the International Needle Felting Team's Blog site I am constantly amazed by the unique artistry of each and every needlefelt piece. I'm loving our monthly challenges and seeing the compilations that Amy of has been creating of all our finished works.

I hope I'll be able to finish my entry for this month!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Duke, Junebug, Mohgie

Duke, Junebug, Mohgie
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Clockwise starting at midnight, Duke (didn't get his whole face in the picture :( ), June, Mohg. Mohg is like a spaz klingon. These are my three sheep herder helpy helpertons. They are actually black and tan coonhound, australian shepherd mixes. Their black and tan coonhound mom, Lilah, is a floosy who decided to run off one day to the neighbors farm and their pure bred aussie. All the puppies found homes except these three. Well, two did, but came back. My husband found Lilah, their mother as a stray by the side of our country roads during a blizzard. She was standing over the dead body of her dog buddy who must've been hit before. We didn't know if she was spayed or not since it looked like she had a spay scar. Apparently, not. Now she is though.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The view from UCCS 061308

The view from UCCS 061308
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Wow. UCCS has the most impressive and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains, even the parking lot is glamorous!

This marble sculpture of the UCCS mascot, the mountain lion, was really impressive and gorgeous in person. I spent yesterday, all day, at the orientation for my son. He picked a beautiful school!

Today as I head out, I worry about "Spaulding". Day after day, he just sits there . . . thinking about what? I don't know. Occasionally, a chicken will hang out with him or a horse or deer wanders by and still he interacts with no one.(Spaulding is Wilson's twin brother-he's sitting towards the left at the bottom of the picture.)

It's so gorgeous out on the dirt roads, that all worries over Spaulding are gone in no time.
I caught a good close up of the mama bird staring me down in her huge nest in the tree by the side of the road. I really don't know what kind she is, but she's pretty big.

Soon, I was out on I-70 where I saw this incredibly long train carrying teeny tiny tanks and other vehicles. By the time, I grabbed my camera, most of the train had gone by, but I managed to catch some of the vehicles through my bug splattered side mirror.
As I was heading home and back on the ole dirt roads, I caught these donkeys scratching each other's backs in those hard to reach areas.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moon Rise 061208

Moon Rise 061208
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I caught the moon rising in the south over our little alfalfa field tonight. It was so beautiful with the sunset colored clouds. The sunset was gorgeous, too. There were coyotes yipping and howling in the trees in that direction.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Llama VOGUE - just strike a pose there's nothing to it

This is Bleu our first llama with one blue eye and one brown eye. And Pendletonn with his macho, "I will NOT smile for the camera . . . wait did you get my good side?" expression.
I really enjoyed my UK, children's book illustrating, amazing needlefelting, tell it like it is, living in the country, artist friend's blog today.

I found out more about Ron Paul for President today. I am so glad I did! I have been so disappointed with the choices the media is tube feeding us with. There are more options!! I really like his ideas and feel they are more in line with America's values as I know them to be. You can check him out at and at

So, I wrote a note to Bill O'Reilly who I am a big fan of (although I do disagree with at times) and asked if he would do an interview with Ron Paul since an informed public is the basis of true democracy. Then, I'm watching Neil Kavuto (spelling?) and he has an interview with Ron Paul! Go, Neil! Mr. Paul was saying that he will hold a convention next to the Republican convention. He also said he has not considered running as an independent. If he does not receive the Republican nomination, I really, really, really hope he considers it. I'll write him in. Ron Paul for President! Power back to the people!! Vote where your heart is, not where the media tells you it counts. If enough people do this, we may all get rid of the crippling two party bias that ruins freedom of choice.
Another fantastic artist friend of mine sent me a link to a flickr photostream that I completely enjoyed. It's the photostream of Hunter who takes fantastic photos, then he has a section for his wife's BEAUTIFUL artwork and for HER father's b/w photos of when she was a child. I rarely have time to go through someone's entire photostream, but I just had to as a new thumbnail would catch my attention and I had to look closer. If you get a chance, try to stop by and check them out at There is so much artistic talent and beauty to take in.

I hope to be able to get some more artwork done this week. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to the sheep trials show now.

My son will be coming over to the farm and helping me with a lot of big projects in the next few days. He is such a big help to me and he is SO strong now! All those football, basketball, baseball practices and the hockey league has really paid off. Farm projects require more strength than I can muster on my own at times. My husband is just working so hard keeping up with his two jobs, that there's just not enough time in the day. I'm so lucky that I have a son whose personality is just so likeable. If we weren't related I know we would be friends. I really enjoy his company. So, it's good to have such a helpful helper. A helpy helperton!

My husband caught this picture of the elusive "Creamsicle" cat the other night. This cat just showed up on our farm a month or so ago. It appears our orange cat, "Chester", has befriended Creamy. They will play with each other. When it is time to come in at night, Chester tries so hard to get Creamy to follow him. Creamy comes close to following him, but we just haven't earned his trust yet. Instead, he goes behind or into our sheds and sleeps there. Occasionally, in the middle of the night he will come to our kitchen door and meow like he wants to come in, but if we open the door, he takes off quickly. We were so worried about him since we hadn't seen him for a week or so. But, we did have coyotes come right up to our house almost. So, we were relieved to see Creamy the other night, doing just fine. The coyotes are the reason I can't leave food out for the kitty. We've been able to get him to come close to us when we are out with him. But, it's still going to take a while. He looks like he's getting enough mice or food from somewhere. We're pretty certain he doesn't belong to any neighbors out here since we called around. Sometimes people dump their unwanted domestic creatures out here in the country to "live free", as though they will be able to. He may be one of these. Even though we aren't sure where he came from, we'll do our best to earn his trust and keep an eye on him until then.

Think Madonna's song now VOGUE!


VOGUE!! (echoing into silence)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Day on the Farm

Well, we had an interesting day on the farm. I took the above photo of the southern skies at sunset just as we wrapped up our evening "pack" walk with our dogs and one cat. We stopped at the numerous ponds that have been filled more or created by our recent downpours. Chester decided to linger and do some hunting on the shoreline.

Earlier in the day, our septic pump was on the fritz. So, my husband went to check on it and found a surprise sitting on the lid. He looks well fed! I'm no snake expert, but I think maybe he is a garter snake who eats mice?? If so, he is a friend to me and can live far away from the house, but on the farm.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

060708 sheep sketch

060708 sheep sketch
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I made a couple of sketches. My scanner isn't working right!! I'm having problems loading things and starting to suffer withdrawal.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

060508 Stormy Skies

060508 Stormy Skies
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Wow. The skies are so full of huge dark clouds and bright white clouds that are racing across the skies. It's awesome!

Cows, Calves, Donkeys and Birds Soaring High

I drove the 25 dirt road miles into town the other day. I always take a camera to capture the beautiful sights along the way. I started to have so many photos to share, that I created a flickr group devoted to dirt road eye candy. I call it "Dirt Road Adventures" Someone just posted an awesome picture of Zebras on a dirt road!
These three donkeys were staring at me and were so cute, so I stopped and got a picture!
Then, I came across these cows and calves in a huge pasture. I love the way that white face girl is turned around looking at me. The calves are so adorable right now.
My son and I came across two birds of prey hunting for field mice in the crops. I tried to capture the moment. Those birds are fast! So, it came out a little blurry. Well, hopefully next time I'll capture it with a faster shutter speed.

I hope all of you are soaring high on the thermals of life today.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kooky Colorado Weather, Columbines and Camelids

It was a beautiful misty morning after a night of pouring, driving rain and tornadic winds. Belle's due for her shearing any time now. I love the way llamas walk! From straight on, they look like people walking. And they are so quiet. They just hum now and then.

I took some pictures of our blooming Columbines, too, this morning. This afternoon we had 2 storms blow through. The first one dumped so much hail it left piles of hail "snow" all around. So, I caught another picture of our columbines with the hail snow.
I've been busy sketching and needlefelting. So, hopefully, soon I will have some new creations to share.
In the meantime, I found a fellow Coloradoan who is a fiber fiend and alpaca ranch owner! Who can resist those sweet, soft-fibered beauties!? You can check out her ranch blog at I've added her link to the sidebar, too with some other interesting felting, fiber, artist, and animal sites.
I hope your day is fantabulous!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What a fine youung man

What a fine youung man
Originally uploaded by TamanduaGirl

What a total cutie! Stewie and Pua remind me so much of Babar in this picture! Check out TamanduaGirl's Blog here Anteater Tamandua Blog OR check out this adorable Cheezburger link

Anteater who Paints!

Anteater painting
Originally uploaded by TamanduaGirl

An artist with an eye for detail. I just LOVE Pua and Stewie the anteaters! This is Stewie who created a couple of beautiful paintings. Check out TamanduaGirl's Blog all about tamanduas here Anteater Tamandua Blog

060208 Deer in our yard

060208 Deer in our yard
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I am so mean to our poor dogs! I always complain that they bark at nothing. I was scolding them for just this, when my husband went outside and found a herd of 20 deer right up here taunting our poor dogs. By the time I got the camera, I only caught two of them, heading off into the more wooded area of the gully.

I have just found out how to add photos right from flickr to this blog! How great is that? It's a little choppy, so I'll have to work on that. But, I love it so far!

Good news. Mothra headed for higher realms this morning. I had no idea that mothra was a female sending out pheromes to attract males from miles away. I'm relieved she and her pheromes are gone from right beside our kitchen door! She was there this morning around 4:30 when I first opened the door, then she just took off. Phew.


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I turned around on our dog and one cat pack walk yesterday to find Rocket and Blaze being all sly and following us. I swear I could almost hear Rocket whistling, like "dooo dee dooo, I've just always wondered what it looks like over here."

This cat is so tense!

This cat is so tense!
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If only he could just relax around our dogs. He just cracks me up all the time. He is seriously one of the strangest cats I've ever met. Our other, Murphy, is a nut, but not nearly so much attached to the dogs. Oscar is so sweet. He turned around and smiled for the camera.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cat in a Pack of Dogs

Here it is. I didn't capture all the dogs, but I did capture how calmly our silly Chester kitty is walking around the pasture with the pack. Our two mustangs even followed us this evening! Wouldn't it be great if the horses, llamas, cats and dogs all walked with us each evening? Maybe? Someday? If it ever happens, I hope I have my camera so I can share the moment.

Mothra is born

Good night, Irene! This baby is HUGE! As big as my hand. I woke up early and found this big baby stretching his new wings just outside our kitchen door in our rose bush. His pretty. I'm no moth expert, though. This could be a butterfly.

All is quiet on the farm. My husband and I worked on fixing up some old fences that were falling down. The horses enjoyed the perfect weather.

I created a new coloring book page of an arabian horse running for my new friend Horses R Us.

And I am offering ACEOs of the Gypsy Horse Running black ink drawing I made.
I'm off right now to take a walk with our dog pack and one orange cat who thinks he's a dog. I'll try to post a picture when we get back. We have to get back in time to watch the National Geographic special on Stonehenge!!