Monday, June 2, 2008

060208 Deer in our yard

060208 Deer in our yard
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I am so mean to our poor dogs! I always complain that they bark at nothing. I was scolding them for just this, when my husband went outside and found a herd of 20 deer right up here taunting our poor dogs. By the time I got the camera, I only caught two of them, heading off into the more wooded area of the gully.

I have just found out how to add photos right from flickr to this blog! How great is that? It's a little choppy, so I'll have to work on that. But, I love it so far!

Good news. Mothra headed for higher realms this morning. I had no idea that mothra was a female sending out pheromes to attract males from miles away. I'm relieved she and her pheromes are gone from right beside our kitchen door! She was there this morning around 4:30 when I first opened the door, then she just took off. Phew.

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