Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kooky Colorado Weather, Columbines and Camelids

It was a beautiful misty morning after a night of pouring, driving rain and tornadic winds. Belle's due for her shearing any time now. I love the way llamas walk! From straight on, they look like people walking. And they are so quiet. They just hum now and then.

I took some pictures of our blooming Columbines, too, this morning. This afternoon we had 2 storms blow through. The first one dumped so much hail it left piles of hail "snow" all around. So, I caught another picture of our columbines with the hail snow.
I've been busy sketching and needlefelting. So, hopefully, soon I will have some new creations to share.
In the meantime, I found a fellow Coloradoan who is a fiber fiend and alpaca ranch owner! Who can resist those sweet, soft-fibered beauties!? You can check out her ranch blog at http://dreamcatcheralpacas.blogspot.com/ I've added her link to the sidebar, too with some other interesting felting, fiber, artist, and animal sites.
I hope your day is fantabulous!

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