Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cows, Calves, Donkeys and Birds Soaring High

I drove the 25 dirt road miles into town the other day. I always take a camera to capture the beautiful sights along the way. I started to have so many photos to share, that I created a flickr group devoted to dirt road eye candy. I call it "Dirt Road Adventures" Someone just posted an awesome picture of Zebras on a dirt road!
These three donkeys were staring at me and were so cute, so I stopped and got a picture!
Then, I came across these cows and calves in a huge pasture. I love the way that white face girl is turned around looking at me. The calves are so adorable right now.
My son and I came across two birds of prey hunting for field mice in the crops. I tried to capture the moment. Those birds are fast! So, it came out a little blurry. Well, hopefully next time I'll capture it with a faster shutter speed.

I hope all of you are soaring high on the thermals of life today.


Xiane said...

I really love your photo-filled entries! I wish that walking through my neighborhood was half as interesting. No donkeys here!
[donkeys have the cutest ears!]

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Thanks, Xiane! I bet photos walking through your neighborhood would be interesting to people who don't live there. I would love to see the Farmer's Market you always talk about. Or some of those delicious smoothies. LOL