Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Ink Sketches 01/07/09

Parrot Woman Drawing 01/07/09
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I just sat down one day last week with my sketchbook and pen and started drawing. This woman with parrot is what came about . . . surprise to me, too. I really don't know what brought this design out of me?? The only thing I can think of is there used to be a restaurant in Scottsdale called Avanti's that had a beautiful woman/parrot design on their doors and matchboxes that I always admired. But, THIS is so not like that!

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Ink Drawing 01/07/09

This one I was watching "Jesus of Nazareth" and thought I could capture Mary. This isn't an actual portrait. I just drew from my imagination. I'm sure that Mary was much more beautiful than my limited talent could muster. The actress who played Mary in that movie is really beautiful. I think she portrayed "Juliet" once, too.

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P and P said...

The crosses reflected (?) in Mary's eyes are most evocative.