Monday, October 6, 2008

Bracelet Gift from KelliRene

Bracelet Gift from KelliRene
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I just received this most beautiful handcrafted bracelet as a gift! KelleRene who is a Christian friend of mine on etsy created this jeweled faith charm bracelet. It has all ten commandments written on little scrolls, pearls, colored jewels and the cross. The clasp is a beautiful pearl clasp that holds it all together. The symbology all around touches my heart so much. I especially love the clasp that represents to me The Pearl of great wisdom holding the Law, the Way in His Word all together.

Check out KelliRene's handcrafted jewelry treasures here


sewmelody said...

Beautiful! What a talented artist and a precious friend:)

LoriDelisle said...

Great piece! Kelly makes beautiful pieces.