Friday, May 1, 2009

Lllama Mist 050109

Lllama Mist 050109
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Thick mist envelopes the pastures and farm today. This melancholy song suits the day so perfectly. I love John Mayer's music. He just twittered last night that he was smoking crack. I really hope not. I twittered a reply that is a dead end . . . literally. I hope he finds true happiness.

Ahhh. Now I can see you. LOL Hey! You look marvelous!!! What a great looking bunch you are that stop by the ole artist on the farm blog. :)

There are very few pictures of me. I'm trying to overcome it.


Graceful Moments said...

Lovely picture of the mist and llamas. Agree with you about Mayer's music but fear he was not kidding about the crack.

Love your eyes. You should definitely have more pics of you. Understand though. I'm much the same about photos of me.

Hampton House said...

What a beautiful pic of the llama and especially you!