Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh YAH! It's GREAT to be alive today!

It's the crack of dawn. I just got finished with my daily Bible study http://www.shepherdschapel.com/broadband.cfm I love studying every day, but today's just really touched me. There were daisies in the background, (my faves), Pastor Murray talked about rainbows and how they are God's promise to us, (two more faves), and how great it is to be with God, and finally in the question and answer section he talked about the Massorat which locks in God's Word so you can be sure what the original words, even letters!, were despite the fact that many people have translated. The book of Isaiah is very comforting in so many ways.

Today's message really touched me after hearing the news yesterday that a man strangled his daughter for family honor, another step-father killed his step-daughter when his attempts to have her join a child sex ring failed after she'd been used in child pornography, (unfortunately there are so many more children out there and broken adults who were once children in this hateful industry), rare monkeys are being bought up by Iran for reasons unknown, but ominous reasons come to mind, a veteran who was shot in Iraq and disabled had all his tools stolen from the house volunteers were building to be accessible for him, and a released Columbian hostage who took the time to remind everyone that RIGHT NOW there are hostages being abused in the jungle because he got his freedom.

For anyone who keeps their eyes and hearts open to this world, there is a lot to pray for. There is so much pain and so much confusion and so many are so lost. Sometimes, I feel like I could spend all day and night praying for my sisters and brothers out there. It's comforting to know that despite the choices people have made, God has a plan, He left His plan with us, it is in full force and it has a conclusion of peace and comfort eternally. Those who choose not to enjoy that, won't have to! So, everyone will get what they want. The cloud in this photo reminds me of God's Words that He longs to spread His wing over us and protect us.

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